George + Lanes

Snippets and scenes of a digital couples life in New York City and beyond. Come here to follow us on our fun adventures in life together.

Lanes: @AlanaMarie

George: @GeorgeGSmithJR

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Permalink Christmas Eve prep.  Those goodies Lanes is holding?  ”For Vegans and Celiacs only.”
Permalink The Nutcracker.
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At the parade - its @alanamarie ! (Taken with instagram)
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Reserved - from last night- scorsese event at the metropolitan club in NYC

Permalink The view from the terrace at The Metropolitan Club
Permalink Quiet night at home means trying new things.  Tonight: at home Pad Thai!
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Getting ready to go to The Highline Chef’s Dinner.  
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Love takes many forms. This one is the shape of a flower puppy.

where on earth did you find this dude
the poundhe needed a home
so i found him one
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Lanes found a new boyfriend at the T-Mobile Black Keys/?uestlove 4g concert on Wednesday.  
Permalink Lanes picking apples upstate near Croton Falls.
Permalink Wine and truffle fries at The Palace on a beautiful fall day.  Photo c/o Lanes and her instagram.